Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I dream of whiskey.

So even though we're on vacation, it hasn't really been a 'vacation.'  You see... we are still moving out of our loft.  Yes.  Eight months later, we are still moving the final pieces of furniture out so that a renter can move in.  Why did it take us so long to move out?  Who knows.  But by Friday morning, all of our personal things will be tucked neatly away in storage, patiently awaiting our move back to Utah.

We decided to get away from our empty loft and headed to Park City, Utah, for the night (Salt Lake's naughty 'red-headed stepchild' <--- I can say that without being offensive because I have reddish hair).  I love it up here so much.  The religious and political shift from the Utah majority is palpable!  Plus, the scenery is gorgeous, too (the leaves are finally starting to change).

Of course I like to torture myself, so we went to the High West Distillery for dinner.  High West produces pretty phenomenal whiskey (none of which I am drinking at the moment) but they also have a delicious restaurant with a 'Wild West' flavor.  Slow-roasted pulled pork, tri-tip with spicy slaw, Swiss raclette with potatoes and house-pickled vegetables... and fresh peach cobbler with whiskey vanilla ice cream.  Vacation eating at it's finest!!

In other news... I went bathing suit shopping today.  Yep.  Not kidding.  What better thing to do when you're in that 'bloated-but-just-starting-to-show' stage of pregnancy (14 weeks!) than go shopping for a bathing suit.  A bikini, no less.  Why would I torture myself, you wonder?  Well, I didn't pack one on this trip and our hotel has a sweet pool.  So I sacrificed.  Plus the bikini was on clearance and it's really cute = motivation to get in shape for NEXT summer!

If you're a mom, on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the hardest), how hard was it for you to lose the 'baby weight'?  I swear I'm not obsessed.  Just curious!     

When you bathing suit shop, do you buy online and try on in the comfort (and better lighting!) of your own home or do you brave the horrid dressing room lights?  If it's a bathing suit line I've ordered before, I'll order online and hope for the best.  I swear all dressing rooms are equipped with bad lighting and 'fat mirrors.'


  1. now is the best time to bathing suit shop because they're all on clearance!

    i'm sure you'll stay fit and healthy enough during pregnancy that post partum weight loss will be a breeze! (;

  2. I've never been there! I am going to have to try that place out!

    bathing suit shopping is the worst activity EVER--no matter the bodies current condition. :) I have no answers. It's just a horrible feeling all around!

    and I am totally doing the retin a/ glycolic acid switch-a-roo!


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