Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on, Irene!

This is Big Kitty.  This is Big Kitty's hiding place when we vacuum our apartment.  I'm sure she thinks it's an awesome hiding place and that no one (including the vacuum) can see her.  She is so SMRT!  

So far, Hurricane Irene has kind of been a letdown.  But I guess I should bite my tongue as the brute of her should be here in the wee hours of Sunday (tomorrow) morning.  I'll be heading into work bright and early in what I'm sure will be the midst of the storm.  Hopefully the rain and wind keep the E.R. quiet.

We braved the rain tonight and had a delicious dinner at The Abbey in Washington Square.  I had the 'bison bolognese with fresh linguine' and Lee had the 'hanger steak frites.'  And for some foliage, I had a side of shredded brussell sprouts.  All were divine.  And because The Abbey does not serve dessert (weird, right?) we stopped at The Fireplace just down the street for dessert and an after-dinner drink.  We shared a delectable 'lemon bar with corncake crust and wild Maine blueberry/Farmers' cheese ice cream.'  Dreamy.  And then we enjoyed walking home in the rain.  It was a wonderful night.

If you have a cat (or dog), are they petrified of the vacuum?  I don't get it.  Any cat I've ever owned has been terrified of the vacuum.  Even my black lab would bark and bark and bark like it was some monster out to get her!


  1. my dog loves the vacuum for some reason. sniffs it and follows me around. he's definitely in the minority.

  2. I have two cats. Bella hates the vacuum but Mona thinks everything that moves faster than her is competition. She will actually try to play with it while I'm vacuuming. Hope you're safe!


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