Monday, August 29, 2011

the Aftermath.

Look what Irene left us!!  A beautiful, sunny and practically cloudless day.  We Bostonians were lucky (at least in my neighborhood).  No major damage that I've heard of.  And the threat of the hurricane made work a dream on Sunday!  The people of Boston heeded the governor's warning and hardly anyone came into the E.R. that day (what does that tell you about how many people come in every day for unnecessary E.R. visits?!).  Glad Irene is gone.  Glad we can stop talking about the hurricane on the news.  Glad my husband's work trip was postponed so that we had the weekend together.

I also realized that it has been weeks, maybe even months since I've had frozen yogurt.  Breaking news, I know.  So I had some today.  And it was divine.

I took the photo of the heli-pad from the 17th floor of MGH after taking an itty-bitty baby to the Pediatric ICU.  Does it look familiar?  Did you watch 'Boston Med' last summer?  I watched it on Hulu after I got the job in the E.R. at MGH.  I guess you could say it helped me sort of acclimatize to the Mass General mentality!

1 comment:

  1. So glad it is all clear! And now I'm off to look at all your posts to see if you've announced any good news lately. :)


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