Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Old high school buddies that are now reality TV stars.

(Big Kitty is all geared up for some trashy T.V.)

Not much to add to the blogging world today.  I worked aaaaaaaaaall daaaaaaaaaay and I'm pretty sure I sped-walked about, oh you know, TEN MILES all over the ER in 12 hours.  I need to pedometer myself one day at work to see just how many miles I clock in a day.  I guarantee it's over 5 miles, fo' shiz.

I'm sorry I'm so boring but I have a date with my DVR and last night's episode of 'the Bachelor.'  Time to see what my old high school friend, craaaaaaaazy Michelle, gets herself into this week! 

**I have free reign of the DVR and the TV tonight as Lee is at a conference this week.  He does NOT partake in my love of all things 'Bachelor.'  Someday I will change that!!**


  1. Wow...you were friends with Michelle in HS?!?!

    I won't spoil anything for you but it was a good episode.

  2. She was at East for her freshman year then transferred to Skyline. I used to hang out with her and her sister, Ann, all the time in 8th and 9th grade. So funny to see her on TV!

    And, although I think she's 'playing it up' for TV (she is also an aspiring actress), I do believe the editing makes her look ever crazier than she may be... the Bachelor seasons ALWAYS have to have a crazy girl and Michelle is the one this season!

  3. I was trying to see if I remembered a Michelle in 9th grade?? I am not sure. I will have to watch it to find out. I bet you are feeling this cold right now. It is freezing today. Painful to go outside. I loved seeing you over Christmas, but it was NOT long enough!!! I will have to make it to Boston while you are there.


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