Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This could be bad.

I recently discovered the DIY fro-yo at MGH.  There isn't the greatest selection of toppings (M&M's and chocolate sprinkles... I'm not complaining) and there are only two flavors (I'm used to at least 6 choices... spoiled, I know).  But, let me just say, even just having the option of fro-yo on my lunch break makes work sooooo muuuuch better

I could get used to this. 

What is your favorite mid-day treat?  Hi.  I'm a candy addict.  Have we met?


  1. mmm froyo of any kind makes every day better! (;

  2. Coconut white chocolate is my latest mid-day affair. :) Heck yes for fro-yo at work. :)

  3. having this available daily would be DANGEROUS! Lately a cup of tea and something sweet is my afternoon love!

  4. froyo could neverrrr be bad :)


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