Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easily side-tracked.

I intended to go on a run today.  No, really.  I did.  But I got side-tracked and my run became a site-seeing tour instead.  I didn't really feel like running in my 'hood this afternoon so I took the T to Kenmore Square and then headed over to the Charles River Park for a change of scenery.  I'd run for a little bit... then I'd stop and watch the geese.  And then I'd run some more... then I'd stop and take pictures.  And then I'd do some lunges... then I'd walk for a bit.  It was awesome.  

I meandered along the bike/running path until I got to the Longfellow Bridge... and then I strolled down Charles Street.  There are these cute little side streets between Storrow Drive and Charles Street that I've wanted to explore for a while (is it still considered Beacon Hill even though it isn't on the hill side?).  It is delectably quaint back there!  Wrought iron gates, windowsill gardens, bricked sidewalks.  Those homes just ooze wealth and high society.  Needless to say, I was too busy enjoying the sites to do any more running.

It was pretty hot and sweaty out there but you know something?  I didn't mind it for some reason.  Usually I do (I've never experienced humidity like this before).  It must be something about wearing running clothes that makes it feel okay to be all sticky and gross.  It's when I have on a cute dress and heels and my hair and make-up are done that I totally mind it.  By the way... one of the local news channels definitely has a 'frizz-factor' in their weather report to dictate how you should wear your hair for the day.  Today's 'frizz factor' hairstyle?  Ponytail, all the way.  Easy for you to say, Mr. Bald Weatherman.

And finally... the photo (and thought) of the day.... Zen graffiti. 
What are your thoughts on humidity?  Love it or hate it?  I HATES it, for the most part.  It does not do wonders for my frizzy hair, that's for sure.  We're headed somewhere real soon where I won't have to contend with humidity.  And I can't wait!  I love me some dry heat!

Non-Garmin stats: 5-ish miles/?? minutes.  Plus lunges and step-ups.  Maybe I'll get wild and crazy and do some upper body later tonight.


  1. Hate humidity! What a beautiful run though, I love that you took is easy and enjoyed yourself--and got lots of great photos for us!

  2. I'm definitely not in love with the humidity in Ottawa right now!

    Love this post though - great photos! Are those nike frees you're wearing? I was thinking about getting a pair for my next running shoe.


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