Monday, July 11, 2011

Aburrida! Bohren! Boring!

Just in case you were wondering... the Mac is back in action.  My husband rocks and it is fixed!  Now it's just downloading the bazillion files to restore what was reset.  Crisis averted.  Yeeeeees.

That's all I really have to report.  Not much going on in my life as I worked the last three days.  Basically that means I didn't do anything exciting, unless you count taking care of sick people (which I don't).  Oh wait.  The new E.R. opened at MGH today (slightly chaotic).  And the Stanley Cup paid a visit to the hospital today, too.  Diagnosis was something about tarnished handles..... (sorry, that was cheesy).

And on the fourth day.... she rested.  Hallelujah. 

Would you have stood in line for hours to get a picture with the Stanley Cup?  Nope.  I guess I'm not a true Bostonian.

Do you ever make a decision to do something and then like 2 minutes later you wished you'd made a different decision?  Yep.  Just happened.  Lee asked me to go wash/vacuum the car with him, but... I'm so pooped... so I said no (he even offered a treat afterwards!).  The second I heard Lee and my little diesel Jetta pull out of the garage, I regretted not going (sad face.........).

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