Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 photos.

(Happy 4th of July from the Longfellow Bridge.)

(Credit card vending at MGH. I'm in trouble. Doesn't the digital display look like it says 'BOOYAH'??)

(Happy 26th birthday to my beautiful sister. You amaze me. I love you.)

Do you get snacks out of vending machines?  I wish I could say no... but at 4 AM there is nothing better than something sugary or salty (or both) from the vending machine.  It's so bad but it tastes soooooo gooood.

What are your thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict?  In a word.... disgusting.

Non-Garmin stats: Bike commute. 12 miles roundtrip.  So, so, SO fun.  But kinda sweaty. 


  1. Eeee I wish I had a vending machine in my room full of kettle chips, Doritos (bold BBQ to be exact), M and M's, and every candy in existence!

  2. That beach looks so nice!

    I am with you about the Casey Anthony trial. I CANNOT believe it! It makes me sick to my stomach.

    I have no vending machines in close proximity but I will tell you in college that they were always a weakness of mine :)

  3. I try to steer clear of vending machines but Peanut M&M's at my convenience would be mighty nice. :)

    The verdict was disgusting in my mind as well...but mostly just sad. I hate unanswered questions....30 days with no missing child report filed? As a mother...incomprehensible and unfathomable to me.


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