Sunday, July 3, 2011

this adventure sort of sucked.

Another Adventure Sunday.  But this one wasn't nearly as fun.  We decided to try out some more 'local' mountain biking in an area called Middlesex Fells which is a 25 minute drive from Boston.  It was fun to be in the great outdoors buuuuuuuuut..... the mountain biking wasn't that great.  I'm just spoiled. It's okay, though.  We'll just become road bikers!  And hikers!  And (maybe) kayakers!  And then we'll take trips to Utah to mountain bike!  Problem solved. 

Now we're enjoying a michelada (salted rim + dark Mexican beer + lime + Tabasco + ice) and a delicious summer salad full of farmer's market vegetables.  Perfect!

Do you like spicy food/drinks?  Would you try a michelada?  Yep!  Love spicy things.  And don't knock the michelada till you've tried it!   

Non-Garmin stats: Two hours of 'mountain biking.'  I'll say one thing, the beautiful lakes in New England make up for the lack of single track!! 


  1. What kind of mountain biking are you looking for Briana? If you are looking for elevation, you need to head north or west (Mt. Greylock in Western MA would be awesome).

    Have I ever told you I love your photos?

  2. I LOVE SPICE! Honestly, to the point where my face feels like it's going to fall off! YUM.

    Maybe it sucked for you, but your pics definitely don't suck! Yay for clouds!


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