Wednesday, July 6, 2011


You guys.  Zappos is amazing.  This is the SECOND time they've done this to me.  I ordered shoes YESTERDAY at 8 PM and they were delivered TODAY by 3 PM.  Seriously.  And I didn't pay a thing for shipping.  Who does that?!  Talk about customer service!

So I went for a pair of the Nike Free running shoes.  I guess I'm jumping on the barefoot running bandwagon but with a normal looking pair of running shoes.  Vibrams?  Too alien-like.  Nike Free's?  Adorable!
(Of course I had a photo shoot with my shoes. Nerd alert!)

As soon as I got the UPS confirmation that they were on my doorstep, I grabbed them, put on my running gear and my new shoes and rushed out the door to try them out.  Yep.  I already love them.  I did an easy mile warm-up then did 100 meter repeats on the grass at about 80% exertion followed by a mile cool down.  It felt sooooo gooooood.  And speedy.  And hard!  And fun.  I could get into this barefoot running phenom.

Do you believe in barefoot running?  Is it a gimmick?  Who knows.  It could be.  I'll tell you one thing... you won't be seeing this girl sporting Vibrams anytime soon.  Lo siento!  Those things are just fugly!  I won't wear the Nike Free's for higher mileage runs, though... just for strides, drills, and quick jaunts around the 'hood.  And to wear with shorts to look cute, of course.

Non-Garmin stats: 1 mile warm-up. 100 meters x 10 at a bit faster than 5K pace.  1 mile cool down.  Then some TRX.  So I didn't wear socks.... was I supposed to?!?


  1. AHHHHHH I am SO happy you got a pair of FREES! Watch out for calves on fire tomorrow! I have to limit myself to short runs with them. I love the colour of yours :)

  2. Hahahah! O man. Too funny that you linked "lo siento."

  3. OK, I think I need to get in on this! I heard they're pretty impressive when lifting legs (I know a few people who squat barefoot - and Arnold himself did it all barefoot).


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