Friday, January 14, 2011


(I took this photo while waiting OVER AN HOUR for my bus. I'm not bitter or anything.)

I'm in a mood.  It was a loooong day.  I am so glad I have a job and I can't wait to get into the 'meat and potatoes' of working at the MGH but, good god... five days of sitting in a classroom listening to a talking head was rough.  Enough complaining.  I'm over it.  Oh wait.  I'm not.  After taking the train to Harvard Square, I waited AN HOUR in the cold for the bus that I take home.  Not cool, MBTA... not cool at all.  Okay.  Now I'm over it.

My baby sister left today.  Like now I won't be able to call or text her fifty times a day like I sometimes do.  That makes me sad.  But what makes me happy is that she has given up her life in San Francisco to help the people of Panama for two years and three months.  That is amazing.  It makes me realize that I can (and should) do more to help those in need.  Amanda, I know that you will do amazing things on this journey.  Keep your chin up and know you have hundreds of family and friends back 'home' rooting for you.

(Grainy photo but still cute. Me and Amanda. Circa 1986.)

 (I love you, sister! You inspire me to be a better person!)

I'm halfway thru a beer.  I've had some snacks.  Things are beginning to right themselves in my world.  Happy Friday everyone!  And cheers.  Cheers to people who chose to give their lives to help others.

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