Sunday, November 7, 2010


October 2010. Sunset from our bedroom window.

It's been a strange day...I just have this sense of sadness but I can't pinpoint where its coming from. Sadness about moving? Because Lee is out of town? Because of a few disappointing events over the last few days? It's hard to tell...but I don't like being in a funk! And I shouldn't be because I RAN TODAY!!! I haven't been on a run in over TWO WEEKS (loooooong story) and it felt spectacular to get out there and move my legs. I am so addicted to the 'high' that I get from running that I'm willing to bet my funky mood has to do with my lack of exercise over the past few weeks.  But no more.  I am on the mend and will be back to my running self in no time.

Back in high school, on Sunday nights, I was a regular at my friend Grace's family dinner. Grace's parents were always willing to set an extra place for me at the dinner table and always made me feel like 'one of the Rich's' was awesome. And tonight, since I'm all alone (not really but it feels that way today) I'm headed over to Grace's for another family dinner. I couldn't be more excited. Thanks, Gracie!

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