Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Morning sweatfest.

Have I mentioned how much I love the bike trainer?  You know what makes it even better?  The fact that it is set up in front of our T.V. (we got cable yesterday) so I can pedal away while zoning out to 'The Real Drag Queens Housewives of Atlanta/Beverly Hills/Jersey'  (seriously, there are a few on all of those shows who could pass for men).  It's embarrassing to admit that I watch that stuff, but it gets me thru an hour on the bike.  I followed up my bike ride with some weights (those block-looking things next to my front wheel).  We have these adjustable weights that basically rock.  They allow Lee and I to have somewhat of a home gym without all the bulky equipment.  Those weights go up to like 50 lbs or something (boy lifting weight) and they go all the way down to 10 lbs (girl lifting weight).  Love them.

I just finished packing and I think I did a really good job this time because generally, I pack like a total moron.  In the past, I'll pack haphazardly, randomly throwing in pants/shirts/dresses and then get to my destination only to realize I did not bring ONE complete outfit (complete outfit = shirt that match pants that work with shoes) or I'll fly to Canada in the dead of winter and not bring a single sweater.  Ya, I'm that smart.  I've learned that I need to physically put outfits together and lay them out on the bed so that I am confident I'm bringing things I can actually wear (rocket science, right?).  Before I was married and while still living in L.A., my traveling often coincided with one of my sisters (KPT & AST) so I could always rely on their packing skills to get me thru a trip... but no more.  As well as Lee dresses, the clothes he packs for his 6'5" frame don't really fit me all that great.  Imagine that. 

Bags are packed. Cats are fed (don't PIG OUT, ladies). iPad is all charged up with season 4 of 'Mad Men'. We're outta here.  I'll be blogging via blackberry for the next few days, so tune in for some exciting adventures from the riveting town of Orem, Utah!


  1. Saw this post at the bottom of your more recent "Weekend." post :) Are you still liking your Power Block weight set? The boy I nanny's family has 2 sets and they seem like a great alternative to buying a huge set and taking up all that space! I've only messed with them a few times - I wish they were a bit more ergonomic. I keep debating between shelling out for a set like those or just adding a pair of 15s and 25s to what little equipment we own.

    1. You know, I don't think they are entirely worth it as I rarely use them over about 15 or 20 lbs. So unless you think Devon would use them, too (Lee uses them a few times a week), I think your idea of buying a specific weight makes more sense. :-)


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