Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If it is edible, I will eat it.

(Hi red boots. You make me smile.)

I am glad I'm not outside right now because it is a straight-up wild and windy downpour.  It's one of those storms where you're glad you got your errands done early in the day and now that you're home, you can just sit and watch the blustery weather from the warmth and comfort of the couch.  It's one of those days.  I like those kind of days.

I especially like these kind of days when my knee still hurts and I can't run.  I guess 'hurt' isn't the right description... it's more of a knee 'twinge' that could potentially lead to a 'hurt' if I continued to push myself.  But I've been smart and I'm not running (as much as it kills me).  It'll get better.  It just needs time.

So today, instead of running, I rode the bike trainer.  And then I did yoga in my living room.  I downloaded a 50 minute yoga video from iTunes and it was surprisingly good!  I'm feeling like a bit of a recluse and an excursion to the yoga studio just wasn't going to happen so I namaste'd from the comfort of my apartment floor.

(Her voice was a little annoying, but I was sweating so I didn't care.)

Today... I am a Hoover vacuum.  If it is in front of me, I will inhale it.  I sort of hate it when I get like this but, fortunately, it only happens about once month.  Fortunately!

Do you ever do work-out DVDs/videos/podcasts in your living room?  This worked for me today.  I didn't feel like being social and sweating it out with a bunch of strangers.  So I sweated it out with a bunch of cats (2) in my own living room instead.

What is your favorite genre of food?  This one is tough for me... but since I'm making tacos for dinner tonight, I'll say MEXICAN!!


  1. I love your red boots - The color red is really growing on me and I am in the market for some fun red dresses this summer!

    ps - check out my Cory Renee Clutch Giveaway!

  2. I'm a hoover right now too :) I lovee the red boots!!! And the doors and mossy wall. I love all asian inspired dishes!

  3. I'll have to say Italian. I heart bread and pasta!

    Those boots are awesome!

  4. i love your pictures...I've been scrolling through all the posts I've missed and it has been so nice to see your pics! I'm also a hoover right now...can't get enough crap...every time I'm ovulating all the way up until my period and then some....I have a PMS that lasts forever! :)

  5. Your photos are so lovely! And your boots are FANTASTIC. So cheerful!

    Haha, I secretly LOVE workout DVDs. They're pretty fantastic time-savers. I'm a huge fan of the "Ten Minute" series (Ten Minute Abs, Ten Minute Stretch, Ten Minute Arms, etc.) They're perfect for when you're in a rush (Who isn't?) but want to squeeze in a bit of stretching or strength training.

    MEXICAN food. I haven't had it in almost a year and it's starting to seriously get to me...

  6. ive been going back and forth but i think i want the RED hunters too :)

    knee pain sucks. waiting it out and not running sucks even more. but it's sooo necessary!



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