Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Stuff.

I went on a field trip by myself today.  The rain and wind had left Boston and the sun (and cold!) had returned.  I'd heard so much about the Boston Public Library so I thought I'd take the day to go explore it.  Wow.  It is all that I had heard it was and more.  The architecture, both inside and out, was gorgeous.

(People were actually STUDYING in here!)

(The clock worked.)

Pity-party time!  It would've been nice to have a friend to go explore with me today.  Here's the thing... finding friends in a new city is a little like dating.  There's the whole 'I-just-met-you' small-talk where you try to figure out if you're 'compatible' as friends and if you'd like to hang out with them again.  And then you wonder if they like YOU and if they want to hang out with YOU again!  It's a lot of work.  I've made one friend in Boston.  She's awesome.  Now taking applications for more friends... bonus if you don't work a Monday thru Friday job and can randomly go to the library or coffee in the middle of the week.   Oh, and if you are a part of the newly established 'Tea Party Movement,' then let me save you the trouble.... I promise we won't get along.

(The irony of this statue and that I saw it today was laughable.)

(Hello new buds!)

(Reflection of Trinity Church. Copley Square.)

Do you ever watch Bill Maher?  I do and I love him.  I thought about using his more politically incorrect term to describe the members of the 'Tea Party' but I refrained.  :-)

What is your favorite 'guilty-pleasure' T.V. show?  When it's on, 'the Bachelor,' hands down (new Bachelorette starts soon!).  Lately, it's the 'Housewives...' series.  I can't tear myself away from it!  Those women are so ridiculous!!  


  1. Love the green lights. I'm not a tea partier. But I am a pretty independent libertarian. Can we still be friends? I have an intense love-hate relationship with politics in general. I hate labels. Food labels, political labels,religious labels, etc.

  2. As always, gorgeous pictures!

    Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, anything on MTV really. I do love the Bachelor.

  3. ahhhhhhhhh i am originally from boston (JUST moved down to nyc after graduation in june), but we would totally be bffs if i still lived there. such a special city! love that you went to the BPL! miss it! xo

    -fav guilty pleasure shows: SKINS (probably the only one on the planet addicted to it), bachelor pad (LOVED IT- yikes), gossip girl.


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