Sunday, April 3, 2011

Minute Man.

We went out on the bikes again today.  It was fun and disheartening all at the same time.  It was fun to get out there and get off the bike trainer.  It was disheartening because this is what our lives have become... biking on paved bike paths that are long and flat and boring and crowded with weekend warriors.  I told Lee while we were riding that we're just going to have to get really into golf because this East coast mountain biking thing just isn't working out.

If we were just casual bikers, this Minuteman bike trail would be perfect.  But we're not.  I like rocks and dirt and hill climbs and descents and single-track and riverbeds and tree roots and maneuvering.  This Minuteman trail has none of that.  But we managed to get our hearts pumping for the out-and-back 22 miles.  And for that, I'm grateful.  

One super cool thing about the East coast is how old and historic every thing is... like this barn, for instance.  This barn was at the end of the Minuteman trail in Bedford, MA.  It was weathered and sun-bleached and gorgeous.  Another super cool/super strange thing about the East coast?  We happened to see a Civil War reenactment going on while we pedaled along the bike path.  Something about grown men dressed up in costumes is just bizarre and humorous to me.  But to each their own.

We did manage to get out and have brunch with a great couple.  What better way to start a Sunday than with Bloody Mary's and friends?!  Thanks C & G. 

Do you like to mountain bike?  You guys.  I love it so much.  I love to go fast down single-track and feel the tree branches scrape my arms as I fly down the trail.  I might even love it more than trail running.  Okay, maybe not quite.

Only two more weeks till Easter... and you know what that means.... NO MORE CADBURY EGGS!  Should I stock up?  Duh. Of course.


  1. Hey Briana! The MM trail is commuters trail really. Like right up my alley kind of trail just so I can go fast, safely, and not get wiped out by crazy Massachusetts drivers. But if you want some mountain biking and a lot of trails, check out Wampatuck State Park in Hingham. Give it a try! I lived on the south shore for 20 years and absolutely loved this state park.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jan!!! This really helps! :-)

  3. the barn pics are so pretty! i love rustic stuff.

  4. Great pictures! I love everything you choose to feature!

    I love trail runs more than anything ever...but we run one that is made for mountain bikes and I get scared just thinking about riding on it. We took our bikes there once and it was a half off-half on ride for me. :) I'm a wimp when it comes to split trees and narrow cracks. :)

  5. you are inspiring me to save up for one........... xoxox

  6. I came upon your blog on the minuteman trail. I actually like it. Especially once spring is over and everything is in full bloom. If you love mountain biking try the middlesex fells park. It's only about 5 miles from arlington, ma. It has everything you are looking for. Single tracks, rocks, roots, hills and gravel fire roads. Explore it on your mountain bike. Best around IMO.

  7. Glad you didn't chicken out on your ride. You guys are so dedicated, turning down a FREE bloody mary. G and I went to a coffee shop (Blue State), then went home, read a magazine and took a nap! :)


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