Thursday, April 7, 2011

I get so emotional, baby!

(If my nursing career doesn't pan out, I can always make postcards!)

I bet you're not surprised that I've spent a small fortune on iPhone apps.  Here is yet another app that I'm sure is a super useful one to have... the postcard-creating app!  I am attempting to lure you into coming to visit me in Boston... is it working?!

 (Bees!! The bees are back, you guys!)

Today was another gorgeous day.  Spring is here to stay, I can feel it!  I walked around Brookline, bought groceries, explored an awesome bookstore, and enjoyed a tasty latte.  If you couldn't tell I've been in a bit of a funk the last two days (hiiiiiya hormones!).  Like yesterday, for instance, I asked Lee if he wanted to go to the Brandi Carlile concert this summer and his response (as I'm sure most guys would answer) was 'No.'  And I burst into tears.  No joke.  I don't blame him for not wanting to go, though (she's one of my favorite singers but she is gay and so are 92.7% of her fans and she sings about love and loss and girly things = not what most guys like).  My point is, at any other time of the month, he would've said 'No' and I would've said 'Fine' and that would've been the end of it.  But not last night!  Oh no!  My emotions were running high and his simple little 'No' sent me over the edge.  But now I'm fine.  And now it just seems funny but at the time it was anything but that.  Isn't it awesome being an emotional girl?! 

(It may only be 45 degrees but I'm wearing WEDGES, damnit!)

Remember when I said I was growing my bangs out?  Ya.  I tend to be a little impulsive and I tend to do things before I think them entirely through.  Last week, I took scissors to my Justin Bieber bangs and whacked off a bit because, you know, I just felt like having bangs that day.  So am I growing my bangs out or not?  Who knows.  One minute, I hate them.  The next minute, I'm cutting them.  Again... Isn't it awesome being an emotional girl?!

Do you ever randomly burst into tears?  It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  Please tell me I'm not alone!

Have you heard about the decline of the honey bee?  I have and it freaks me out.  What is happening to this world?  If the honey bee dies out, WE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO EAT!  And this isn't me being an emotional girl.  This is scary shizz.  Plant your bee-friendly gardens!  Eat organic!  Avoid pesticides!


  1. I quit my job today. There have been a lot of girly tears over here. If I had more money I'd come see you and go to Brandi WITH you! haha. Ryan would probably say "no" too. Good thing he plants bee friendly gardens :)

  2. Hahaha, I definitely agree with the "emotional girl" statement. And I've definitely randomly burst into tears! Hope you start feeling better soon! Lovely photo by the way :)

  3. Did Lee agree after the tears? I hope so! Where is she playing anyway?

  4. I don't cry as much as I used to. And when I was prego...I was a mess at the beginning. But my girls cry all the time! And I cry sometimes too. And I love Brandi C. I'll go with you! :)

  5. love those wedges :) where are they from???

    -i don't think i've ever burst into tears before but i love a good cry!


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