Friday, February 11, 2011

Dead battery and prison food.

The Jetta had a little problem this week.  I think having lived in So Cal made my little turbo diesel a little soft.  Lee took my (our) car to his convention earlier in the week and parked it in an outside lot at the hotel where he was staying.  I guess it didn't like the dip in temperatures (it is usually garaged when it's not being driven) and, after a few days out in the cold, it decided not to start.  A couple of jumps later, Lee was back on the road but we were obviously in need of a new battery.  Luckily I have a husband who is super handy with fixin' things (so hot) and changing a battery was no biggie for him.  Last night we took the T to AutoZone and got us a new battery... and shortly thereafter, the Jetta was up and running again.  Hallelujah!

(Get in the Zone!)

(Not only can he fix things, he looks good doing it!)

I had this super good dinner planned but since we had to jet off to the auto parts store when Lee got home from work, I shelved that dinner plan and made Chili Mac instead.  Chili Mac is amazing.  Take 2 boxes of organic Mac & Cheese (make according to package directions) and 1 can of vegetarian chili (add it in after the Mac is made)... and VOILA!  It's like an organic version of Hamburger Helper.  So I was making up a batch of Chili Mac, the macaroni was cooking away... and then I opened the can of chili... and it wasn't chili.  It was BAKED BEANS!  Sick.  So we settled on Mac & Cheese with a side of baked beans.  As I handed it to Lee we both laughed and he said, 'It looks like prison food.'  I wasn't offended as this is probably the worst meal I have ever made for him.  Gross.

 (I imagine this is how much of America eats on a daily basis.)

As I expected, today's run was amazing thanks to my spankin' new shoes.  Since I loathe 'out-and-back' runs, I made a plan of how I could do a long run and NOT have to backtrack the same streets on my way home.  I ran down Comm Ave, thru the Public Garden and Boston Common, by Government Center, thru the North End and around Boston Harbor.  When my Garmin hit 10 miles, I meandered over to the T stop at the end of Newbury Street and made my way home on the train.  Perfect and no backtracking to be done!  

(White shoes.  NERD ALERT!!)

(City view from Boston Harbor.)

I wish I could be excited that IT'S FRIDAY but I can't.... because I work both Saturday and Sunday.  Blah.  Such is the life of working at a place that NEVER closes.  HEY BOSTONIANS!!  Don't get sick or get in car accidents or get knifed or get run over by a car this weekend, mmmmmkay??  Keep the E.R. quiet, mmmmkay?  Thanks. Love, Nurse Bri.

(Spent the afternoon with a book & another latte from Cafe Fixe.)

 (Now that I have a CharlieCard, I'mma takin' the train e'rywhere!)

What are YOU doing for the weekend?  Let me please live vicariously thru you. 

When planning your runs, do you plan routes to prevent boredom?  I can't STAND out-and-back routes and will go to great lengths to avoid doing them.  My routes MUST be enjoyable or I don't see the point.

Garmin stats: 10 miles/1hour 18 minutes.  Up, down, and around downtown Boston.  'Twas a gloriously sunny day, but cold, of course.  No shocker there.


  1. I am running a 3 mile race in the morning and then crafting away all day for the girls' Valentines Day parties and then dress shopping with my bestie for bridesmaids dresses.

    Hope you have a stress free weekend at the ER. :)

  2. I was trying to figure out how you put the post title together. Now I get it! Pretty funny about the beans!

    Have a super weekend!

  3. That run sounds awesome! I love Boston!

    I don't mind out-and-backs...I guess I zone out?!?!


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