Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bang. Bang. Bangs.

Since we moved to Boston I've had a slight problem that I have been trying to solve all by myself.  I have bangs.  And the problem with bangs is they grow out.  And quickly.  Soon after a hair cut (like 3 weeks or so) the bangs enter into the 'almost too long to be cute' phase.  And then about 4 weeks later, they're no longer bangs, but 'swoop-y bangs' that have to be pushed to the side and you end up looking like a Justin Bieber wanna-be which, for a 32 year old woman, is definitely not hot.  So when I lived in good ol' SLC, I had a fabulous hair stylist (she is the BEST I've found in my entire life) and she cut my bangs for free whenever I felt my hairstyle was beginning to resemble an L.A. hipster.  It was perfect.   

And then we moved.  And I began cutting my bangs.  This is a recipe for disaster. 

Before we moved, my beloved hair stylist gave me a few golden nuggets of knowledge on how to cut my bangs myself.  I watched her show me on my own bangs and I said to her, "Oh ya, I can totally do that."  Fast-forward to my bathroom here in Boston and I'm like a three year old doing a craft project.... I barely know how to hold the scissors let alone take those how-to tips and apply them to myself.

Case in point.  This is me immediately after my last hair cut in December.  I'm happy.  I'm glowing.  My bangs look normal.  My bangs are not poking into my eyes.  They aren't flipping to the sides.  They aren't straight across like an elementary school kid.  They're doing what bangs do.

And now here are my bangs after my most recent chop job.

Remember the dreaded bowl cut from the 80's?  It looks like I'm bringing it back and will be sporting it in 2011.

I had these fantasies of flying back to SLC to get my hair cut every few months but, good god, that's basically taking a $50 dollar haircut and turning it into a $650 dollar hair cut...  I guess I need to be realistic and start the dreaded search of finding another hair stylist here in Boston.  Any tips??  Any self-bang-cutters out there?


  1. Sorry, I don't have any tips :( I was about to cut myself some bangs today and then remembered what happens when I do that!

  2. Sorry, no tips from me either. To be honest, I am scared to let anyone touch my hair since it is at its longest since 9th grade (35 years ago...eeeek!)

    But personally, I don't think you did a bad job!

  3. Ok, here is my foolproof plan...
    Every time you see a hairstyle you like, ask who their stylist is. Once you get a repeat, that is your new stylist. Works every time I move.

  4. Aaaaw, I'm glad you don't think my bangs look THAT bad. I messed with them some more today... I think they look a bit better. I'm sure soon they'll either be SUUUPER short or SUUUUPER crooked = not hot.

    Thanks for the advice, Anne! Have you done that in Virginia yet?


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