Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I cheated.

So I cheated.  But it's not as serious as it sounds.  I cheated on my blog.  You see, I used to be a regular journal keeper... and then for some reason I just stopped writing.  No specific reason... I guess I just got out of the habit.  My blog has sort of replaced journaling but blogging just isn't the same as writing in a journal.  Lately I've been craving having a journal again.  My old journals weren't just words on pages but more of a scrapbook.  I taped ticket stubs or other keepsakes to the pages and doodled on the edges... it was a creative outlet for me.  I loved being able to look back at the months and years and have a colorful documentation of my life.  Blogging has been great but, I have to admit... it doesn't feel as free as journaling.  I guess I just don't feel as comfortable sharing my deepest, darkest secrets with the world wide web (no offense).  I definitely elude to those deep dark secrets on my blog but I don't delve into them like I would if I kept a journal.  So today, while at the CVS buying my weekly quota of Cadbury eggs, I bought some colored pencils (essential for doodling) and some Pilot rolling ball pens (essential for smooth writing) and, when I got home, cracked open a candy egg and began writing.  It felt so good.  It felt good to put pen to paper and let my thoughts flow.  When the thoughts stopped I picked up my colored pencils and doodled on the corners until the thoughts began flowing again.  It was so cathartic.  When I had finished I had a few pages of words and corners full of colorful shapes...

.....and I had a clear head.  Goal accomplished.

Do you keep a journal?  Used to.  But I've started again.  Just today.

Do you doodle?  Yep.  All over the place.  On my work papers.  On junk mail.  If I have a 'good' pen, I love to get my doodle on.

Garmin stats: 7.5 miles/57 minutes.  Did the good ol' run-to-somewhere-then-take-the-train-home' run then finished off the afternoon with some HOT YOGA!  Hot damn.


  1. interesting you posted this today. I just bought a journal to start again. I did it as a teen (funny to read them now) and decided it would be helpful for me to do it again.

  2. I used to keep a journal. But it got too painful (emotionally) so I dropped it for now. I feel better about blogging because of the interaction with those who follow me and those I follow. It's different, I will admit, but for now I like it.

    You're a Cad Egg addict, you know this, right? ;-) I thought of you yesterday when I was hovering over a box of them at CVS! I did notice they have gotten MUCH smaller over the years though. Have you noticed that?

  3. I love to journal! I have many different kinds. :) Personal, marriage, journals for my kids, running journals, etc. Love that you started this again. :)

  4. I also used to journal. I loved re-reading my thoughts and feeling like some days I really knew myself and other days re-reading old entries was like getting to know myself all over again. I should start again. I love my blog and the different things it represents but you're right...journaling is much more free. I doodle everywhere!!!


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