Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm (not) lovin' it.

I'm in the frigid Twin Cities awaiting my flight to sunny LA and I felt the need to talk some smack. Last week I read an interesting article in the NY Times about McDonald's and their new 'lighter breakfast menu.' Apparently the fast-food chain recently added oatmeal to their breakfast options and before you get all excited that McD's is finally getting healthy, listen up. There are TWENTYONE ingredients in their breakfast oatmeal. 21. That's a ton especially when oatmeal itself IS an ingredient on it's own and doesn't need the 20 other ingredients to make it a meal (well maybe add water and some brown sugar bringing the grand total number of ingredients to a whopping 3). So what, you say? So what if it has a ton of ingredients? Big deal. At least it's better than their other menu items, right? Wait just a second..... You're actually wrong. The fruit and maple oatmeal is only 30 calories shy of it's fellow menu item, the cheeseburger. Yep, that's right. McDonald's has managed to take something that is so good for you and turn it into a sugary, fatty, and chemical-laden bowl of slop.

Unfortunately most of America thinks that by choosing the 'oatmeal' at McDonald's that they're making a good and healthy breakfast choice when, in fact, they are probably better off with a sugary bowl of kiddie cereal. Such a shame.

I don't have kids but when I do, I won't be taking them to McD's. I can't support a company that is at the root of America's obesity epidemic. Don't get me wrong... I will still serve my kids burgers and fries and chicken nuggets... They just won't come from the 'Golden Arches.'

Do you eat fast-food? Yes, I do. But I am selective with the places I support. I'll do In N' Out because they actually MAKE their food in the restaurant. I'll admit that Taco Bell food is good but, good god... that place is like a giant microwave. Everything arrives frozen and is reheated and served to you in a soft taco shell. And their 'beef' isn't even beef. Who wants to eat mystery meat?

Do you have a favorite airport to travel thru? Minneapolis is pretty cool because you can get your 'walk on' while you wait for your next flight. The terminals are all connected into this big rectangle so it makes doing laps very easy. Plus they have a mall in the center!


  1. We eat Quiznos and every once in awhile Chik Fil A. I ate McD's ONE time in the past year and a half but only because it was the day after my sister's wedding and the entire wedding party was hungover and ordered it. We don't take the kids there either. Boo to that oatmeal. Makes me so.mad.

  2. America's obesity epidemic is a result of a lot of changes: cars, office jobs, a lack of walkable cities, and of course our changing diet. I thought the McDonald's oatmeal looked nasty when I saw it and now my suspicions are confirmed. I just don't think they should get the blame for everything. Enjoy LA!

  3. Sworn off fast food totally about 2 years ago. I would go into McD's for the coffee and parfait, but I am not even doing that anymore. I make all my meals (75% raw) and go to dinner at the local vegan restaurant about every 2 weeks.

    I was excited about the oatmeal because I thought that McD's might have started to take on some responsibility...until I looked at the ingredients. I then said, nope, they haven't changed a bit!


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