Monday, January 31, 2011

Um, I don't get it...

This sure looks like a good eating plan but I'm confused. Where do my TWO Cadbury Eggs go that I ate today? Under protein?

Don't worry... like I said, I only had two. There was a time when I could easily down a 3-pack of those babies in one sitting, no problemo. You really have no idea just how bad my candy addiction used to be. I was like the fat kid at fat camp with a hoard of candy stashed in my mattress. It was that bad. I still sometimes have those days (okay, a lot) but they are few and far between from years past. And I have no idea how I cured myself. With age comes wisdom, I guess.

But when Easter candy season hits, all bets are off! And I don't want to hear how 'gross' you think they look... Cadbury Eggs are the eff-ing best and if you don't like them you should get your head checked.   I mean, who doesn't love oooey-goooey candy filling that resembles an egg yolk?  Just sayin'.


  1. Hahahaha! I think the Cad eggs will fit in the circle itself. Screw which category!

    Easter and Halloween... My absolute biggest weaknesses. Especially AFTER the holidays when CVS marks all the candy 50 - 75% off the original price.

  2. Wait...where are you finding "the precious"? So jealous! Miss you!


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