Monday, March 21, 2011

Bipolar Spring.

I woke up to a gloomy, cloudy mess this morning.  And I had planned to do a run.  Bummer.  So I wussed out and decided to do a ride on the bike trainer instead... but first I checked to see how pissed off Mother Nature was going to be today.  Wait a second!!  I realized that if I got my ass in gear right then, I could get a run in before the 'winter-y mix' settled in over Boston.  So I manned up and headed out the door.  The brooding weather called for some brooding music... on today's play list was Blonde Redhead and Brandi Carlile.  Sometimes I just can't do the teeny-bopper music and today was one of those days.  Surprisingly, the melancholy music didn't slow me down and I averaged a 7:31 min/mile.  And I literally walked in the door just as the slushy snowy mess started.  HA!!  Briana: 1.  Mother Nature: 0.

What better thing to do on a crappy day than an at-home face mask!  I'm still in love with this particular peel-off mask... I guess it was worth the $34 as the tube seems never-ending.  Just don't mind the sensation of your skin peeling off with the mask.  Remember... pain = it's working!! 

  (What the f*#k is floating in the bottom of this sh*t?!)

Another great thing to do on a crappy weather day?  Grocery shopping.  Since Lee is gone (still), the cupboards are pretty bare.  I don't know what it is about him being out-of-town but when he is I seem to sustain myself on cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, and occasionally... if I'm feeling really productive... I'll make myself an omelet.  Something about cooking for one is a total turn-off for me.  I'm surprised I'm not malnourished!  Since he's due home soon, I went all out and got tons of tasty things from Whole Foods, including Kombucha.  I've never tried it and I honestly have NO IDEA what to expect... and please tell me... what, exactly, is floating at the bottom?!  I'm not sure I want to know.  I'm a little worried it's going to taste like vomit.

Do you cook elaborate meals for one?  Not usually.  I think the idea of creating a huge mess of dishes for a meal just for me is the issue.  I'm perfectly happy eating a bowl of cereal for dinner!

Have you ever had (or even heard of) Kombucha?  I read about it's health benefits all the time... I just think it looks disgusting.  And I've heard mixed reviews on how it tastes.  I'm about to have some now.  Let's hope my lunch doesn't come up after it. 

Garmin stats: 7 miles/52 min 43 sec.  I must've had ants-in-my-pants.... I felt like I was FLYING.  Maybe I was just trying to get home before winter returned.  I hate Sprinter (Spring + Winter = Sprinter) 


  1. Yes, I have heard of kombucha. I drink exclusively Katalyst Kombucha. Mainly because it is made here in MA, I think it's the best tasting one and I know the brewers. My favorite flavor is the berry. It is an acquired taste, but I swear, I feel so good after drinking it. It's pretty special stuff.

    As for meals for one.... All the time. Amy's Veggie lasagna is my favorite back up plan!

  2. Please let me know what you think of Kombucha? I've been on the fence about trying it.

    Sprinter sucks!

  3. I heart Kombucha. I am not drinking it now that I am pregnant, but I love it. It's yeast in the bottom. totally safe.

  4. I love cooking meals for one. I lived alone for a few years and so I like to treat myself if I'm home alone. Mainly a burrito, taco, enchilada rotation, with (store bought) chicken kiev thrown in every now and then.

    We're in the opposite season here, getting runs in before it gets too hot. It was 34 when I was walking home from lunch with Lulu today, getting just a little too hot, but cool for our summer. It's only going to get hotter.


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