Sunday, January 2, 2011

Opening the flood gates.

(No animals were hurt in the making of my boots.)

Reality sunk in today.  Again.  We moved.  Wow.  I had a bit of a mini-meltdown this afternoon at Home Depot.  I know, I know... not the best place to start crying but, hey, when the crying urge comes on... there's no stopping it.  We were shopping for shelves and storage bins and hooks for various closets in our new place and I just got really quiet.  Lee asked what was wrong and I shrugged and we continued shopping.  I stood in line to get some duplicate keys made while he went for some bolts or something... and after getting the keys, I wandered over to the plants and sat on a box of windshield washer fluid.... and tears sprung to my eyes.  We had done all this before.  We had set up a place in a way that we loved.  We had made that place our home.

And then we moved.

I couldn't help it.  I didn't start sobbing or anything but my eyes welled up with tears... and then Lee found me and hugged me, asking what was wrong and I told him that I missed Salt Lake and our home there.  He does, too.  But we're in Boston now.  And we need to embrace that.  And it will be great here.  Soon it will feel like home.  It is slowly starting to feel like it already.

A chocolate bar at the check-out of Home Depot cheered me up.... and while I was eating it, I realized something.  I can't go about my days here in Boston remembering all that I miss about Salt Lake or it will ruin me.  I need to have a fresh perspective about this new adventure and I need to keep the comparisons to my previous home to a minimum because this isn't Salt Lake.  It's Boston.  And it's awesome in it's own special way.  Just like Salt Lake is.

I am really looking forward to starting my job in less than two weeks.  I think having a regular schedule and going somewhere every day and interacting with people and being in the hospital again are exactly what I need.  Then, I believe, Boston will really start feeling like my new home. 

(Off with the Utah plates.)

(I might make a necklace out of this because I love them so much.)

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  1. Allow yourself to be sad about it for a bit.

    I cried weekly, I would say when we moved to Utah. It was a VERY hard adjustment. I think it took a full year for me to accept the fact that we were stuck here.

    Boston will be much better, I promise! Yes, you will miss your friends and family. I know you will make awesome new friends, though.


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