Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today in a list (and pictures).

A list, in chronological order, of today's events....
  1. Run, run, run + stairs.  Jaimie was a trooper even though she was sick and was a mucous-producing factory.
  2. Bus to Harvard Square in Cambridge.  My FIRST time on the bus in Boston. Not as memorable as my first time taking a train, that's for sure.
  3. Harvard Yard, old and new. Ivy League schools sure are beautiful!
  4. John Harvard's Brewery for lunch and, of course, BEERS. Duh.
  5. Bukowski's Tavern for more beers.  It's famous and we were on a roll.... 
  6. Taking the train with a buzz. Good times. Luckily I had my wits about me and J-Wow made it on the correct train to the airport. We were too tipsy for tears.
  7. Dinner (a BIIIIIIG salad) at home with my husband and my cats and all our many moving boxes. Tomorrow I aim to empty them.
  8. After Lee finishes his LAST work call of the evening tonight... it's date night.  Season 2, Episode 9 of 'Mad Men' and a kahlua and milk. A perfect ending to a great day.
  9. Tomorrow I'm excited to STOP EATING LIKE I'M ON VACATION. Seriously. Cannolis, beers, fries, beers, cannolis, and beers (you get the picture). Tomorrow it's back to eating (and working out) like I NORMALLY DO!  Sheesh. It was a free-for-all there for a bit.
  10. Good night! Thanks to J-Wow for helping transport the kitties and for touring Boston with me! I love you long time.
(John Harvard. And me. One of us founded an Ivy League school.)

(Remember how I said yesterday was warm and rainy and in the 50's? Today was eff-ing freezing if you couldn't already tell by our sweet bundling.)

(This is the dining hall at Harvard. No joke. Fancy-shmancy.)

(The beer sampler at John Harvard's Brewery. Of course we had to try them all.)

(Three beers in and we're on to the self-portraits.)

(A menu with a sense of humor at Bukowski's.)

(We began goofing off enroute to the airport.)

(I just look confused. Like my new bag? 'Twas a gift from my awesome husband.)

 (I have no neck. But at least I'm not cold!)

So there are officially NO OTHER GUESTS on the calendar for the next 6 months, so..... WHO'S NEXT TO VISIT US IN BOSTON??

Garmin stats: 3.5 miles + stairs/35 minutes. J-Wow coughed up a lung but we pressed on!

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