Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Delivery. Discovery.

The Ian is here! The Ian is here!  And by 'Ian,' I mean our new couch with the fold-out air mattress bed in it.  So exciting.  (Now we're ready for guests!)  The couch came around 10 A.M. this morning... last night I got a call from the delivery guy and he said, "Your delivery window for the couch is from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M."  Ummmmm, thanks buddy, that narrows it down A LOT!  Needless to say I was very happy when he called me at 9:30 A.M. and said he'd be here soon.  Can I just say that I am SO GLAD I'm not a delivery guy in Boston?!  First of all, you have to drive a semi-truck thru all these crazy one-way, narrow, and winding streets and THEN you have to maneuver big items thru small elevators, narrow doors, and tiny hallways!  I'm too big of a klutz to have a job like that... I'd have to have my own private insurance against damage from me bashing things into walls/doorways/light fixtures, etc.

(Case in point... I could NOT do this without major damage happening.)

 (It doesn't look as cool as it actually is. Kind of like me.)

(Ummmm... me + no make-up = "death warmed over" look.)

After I bounced around on the couch for a bit, I decided to go on a quick and easy run... instead of going down Comm Ave again, I headed down Beacon Street for a change of scenery.  Running is such a GREAT way to get to know your neighborhood... now I know where to find a pharmacy, a Thai restaurant, a burrito place (YES!), TRADER JOE'S (I'm trying to rub it in here...), and guess what else I found?!?  I FOUND SOME AWESOME AND LONG AND SORT OF STEEP STAIRS!!!  I have always loved doing stairs.  When I lived in Santa Monica I had the quintessential stairs to add into my daily runs... the world-famous 4th Street Santa Monica stairs.  

 (The SaMo cement stairs. 183 steps of leg-burning hell... or heaven if you're a masochist.)

Seriously, these stairs are about as famous as the celebrities you often see there (I saw J.Lo., Kendra from the 'Girls Next Door', that 'Fish' guy from Ally McBeal, and a bunch of other bit actors that you're like, 'What show was that dude/chick in again?').  There are two sets... the wood stairs and the cement stairs and people are seriously dedicated to either one set or the other.  I personally preferred the cement steps because they were steeper and more challenging (I even remember how many steps there were... 183).  When I moved to SLC I was sad to lose the SaMo stairs but I quickly found some around Capitol Hill that sufficed (stairs are KILLER for your butt/hamstrings).  Obviously, I needed to find a new set here.... and I did.  Right off of Beacon Street.  There is even a sign designating them as 'Summit Pass.'  And they go on forever. 

(Hooray! Stairs! In Boston! Let the leg-burning begin!)

When I got to the top, I was a little lost.  The stairs spit you out into some neighborhood in Brookline and since you've just climbed a bunch, you have a pretty spectacular view of Boston from up there.  Cool stuff.  I meandered thru the neighborhoods at an easy clip until I wound up on Comm Ave and then it was about a mile or so home.

After a coffee and some cleaning, I'm nestled in on the 'Ian'... I think I better test out how it is for napping!  

Garmin stats: 3.46 miles/30 minutes + stairs. Easy, breezy, beautiful.


  1. OK...now that I know you have a Trader Joe's nearby...I guess I am coming to visit now. :) Still missing you! Erin

  2. You bouncing on the Ian brought back memories of "Mom's not home, mom's not home!"


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