Thursday, November 25, 2010

Made in America!

We found a couch!!  And it's a cool one.  And it has a queen-sized sleeper in it.  AND IT'S MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!  How crazy is that to find a couch made in the U.S.A. in this day and age when EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE MADE IN CHINA or other cheap labor countries (no offense to those countries, of course....).  We looked at Ikea couches and here's what they're made out of.... particle board, fiber board, and wrapped steel (whatever that means) and they're all made in Vietnam, China, or India.  And at $400 a couch, sure... it's a bargain but HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THAT COUCH WILL LAST??  Have you SEEN particle board?  That sh*t is flimsy.  This beauty that we got (the Ian, as it's called) is made out of sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood.  The reviews from other customers said it is dog/cat/kid-friendly... and the micro-suede fabric is treated with stain-resistant stuff and is (supposedly) easily cleaned with soap and water.... to be determined. 

My grandmother is always talking about how poorly made things are these days  and I totally agree with her.  People are no longer concerned with long-term quality and durability (in anything, really) but with 'Hey how cheap can I get this thing' and 'Who cares if I have to replace it next year... I'll just buy another.'  My grandma has beautiful furniture that she has owned for 40+ years and it still looks as good as new... and actually, since she bought a lot of it in the 1950's, much of it is now in style and very modern looking.... I love how styles reemerge to be hip and cool again decades later.  Like the fashion in the show Mad Men... if you haven't gotten into that show, DO!  It is awesome.

Lee and I just got home from a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at my friend's parent's house.  We had great food, great conversations, and more great food.  We're stuffed to the gills.  And we got sent home with leftovers.  Life is good.  Thanks, J-Wow's family!

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