Monday, December 6, 2010

A day in photos.

(The hills of which I speak on Comm Ave.)

(Courtesy of Google Maps. Thanks, guys.)

I started my day off with a run down Comm Ave (that's local-speak for Commonwealth Avenue) and boy, was it beautiful.  Cold, but beautiful.  I took my Garmin, my iPod, and my blackberry and ran all the way to the Public Garden, which is about 4.8 miles from my house.  I ran around the pond and then (at 5.2 miles) decided to head back home.  I was running fast and I felt strong.  Little did I know that Comm Ave from my house to the Public Garden is basically all downhill which means my return would be all uphill (it's amazing how that works).  Oh and of course I was running into the wind as I was running uphill.  Nice.  Good thing I still have all those extra red blood cells swimming around in my veins.  I made it the 10.4 miles round trip in 1 hour 21 minutes.

(Comm Ave near Boston University. Prudential Building in the distance.)

 (Public Garden. Boston, MA.)

 (For some reason I thought this was Paul Revere. Nope. Some guy named 'Washington.' :-)

Later, after lunch at home, I ventured out to find a local coffee shop... and I was successful.  I found this great little place on Washington Ave called CafeNation where they offer to serve your coffee in REAL mugs.  I hung out, read the paper, made a grocery list and enjoyed a break from the windy weather.

(Perfect afternoon at the coffee shop.)

(Only a few people stared as I took a self-photo. No big deal.)

After a latte and a cup of coffee (the coffee was free!), I headed back out into the chilly weather and walked to Whole Foods.  Luckily there are 3 grocery stores near our house (Whole Foods, Star Market, and TRADER JOE'S <---- don't hate) and they are all walking distance.  I also stopped by the liquor store (not State run like Utah) and bought some Sam Adams 'Winter Lager' and a bottle of Kahlua (perfect after-dinner drink).  By the time I got home, my hands were freeeeeezing from carrying bags with bare hands.

(The T. Green line. No train was coming as I stood on the tracks. I'm smart.)

 (This lack of furniture is murder on my back!)

Lee is on his way home from the office and I can't wait to greet him with a kiss and a beer.  Life is great. Tomorrow (rather than today) is my big day of errands via car BY MYSELF.  Here's to hoping I don't get LOST or in an ACCIDENT! 

Garmin stats: 10.4 miles/1hr 21min. Comm Ave to Public Garden and back. Windy!!

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  1. Sounds like your runs are a perfect way to explore the new city. I'm jealous you have a Trader Joe's close by!


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