Sunday, December 5, 2010


 (Putting the Dyson together. It's ALIIIVE!)

Does anyone else feel a sudden onset of panic and anxiety when they walk into a 'Bed Bath & Beyond'?  Oh my god... that place is a clutter-phobe's nightmare.  If I had a seizure disorder, I'd have a grand mal just from the over stimulation of that place.  It's a total hot mess in there.

Lee has ALWAYS hated going to BBB because it's like they have a map of the store and then they're like, 'Okay... how can we cram all this sh*t into the store and still only barely allow a shopping cart to get thru the aisles?'  He has about 15 minutes worth of patience for that place so I knew when we went there today, I had to work fast.  For the most part, we got the essentials that we needed and what we got we like enough that we'll eventually cart it BACK across the country to Salt Lake City when we move in 2 or so years.  We've decided we're not doing the 'this will work for now' thing when buying stuff for two reasons... 1. It's a total waste of money to buy something and then continue to replace it every few years, and 2. It environmentally irresponsible.  I'm an enviro-geek, I know... I can't help it.

Right now I'm doing my second load of laundry in our new machine (I like ours in SLC better) and I've done dishes and put them in their new homes in the cupboards/drawers.  We've emptied our suitcases into our closets and put toiletries away in our new bathroom.  Our new mattress arrived this afternoon and the new sheets/duvet cover are washing up as I type this.  Slowly but surely our place is coming together.

I felt melancholy as I was putting things away this afternoon... we've really moved.  I know I've said it a bunch before and that it's getting redundant and you're probably like, 'Get over it. You moved.' but I can't help but think about all that I'll miss about our home in Salt Lake City.  Our kitchen.  The exposed brick walls.  The fast elevator (this one is ridiculously slow).  My friends.  Carlucci's.  Of course I could go on but I'll spare you.  I have this sense of exhilaration mixed with dread about moving to Boston.  I know it will be great and I'm going to love living here but the initial shock has yet to wear off that we are no longer Utahns.  We're Mass-holes Bostonians now.  And I need to get used to it. 

Tomorrow I will be driving around (without Lee... yikes!) getting some essentials for our kitchen (olive oil, kosher salt, etc.).  I 'practiced' driving around Boston today with Lee as my navigator and I did okay except for one small mishap when I almost went down a one-way street the wrong way.  No big deal.  Let's hope there is none of that tomorrow.

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