Friday, February 27, 2015


Morning macchiato. And bright orange lips.

I should know by early next week whether or not I have been accepted into the Doctorate of Nurse Pracitioner program at the University of Utah. Now that my application is in and the interview is behind me, I feel such a sense of relief. Both of those steps were so daunting and, at the very least, I am so proud of myself for following through with something that challenging. And, at this point, I feel at peace with whichever way their decision goes.

I look at it this way: either I'll be studying statistics and physiology or running trails and drinking beer this summer. Honestly, both sound equally appealing.

In other news, I've signed up for the same 50K that I did last year and the April 17th race day is rapidly approaching. My training this year isn't going nearly as smoothly as last year since I now have work days to plan my long runs around. I did do a run-commute to work this week, though! And, surprisingly, I felt pretty good for my entire 12-hour night shift despite having run 9.5 miles over 1,700 feet of elevation gain to the hospital.

Of course all of my co-workers think I am completely crazy.

Happy weekend! What are your plans? We have our weekly neighborhood meet-up tonight, called Finca Friday, and then later it's Bunco night! And then I'll be working night shifts for the remainder of the weekend. Boo!

Weekly workouts: Monday - Post night shift so... Rest day. Tuesday - CrossFit! Push press (5-3-3-1 increasing weight to 1RM... 108lbs) + Weighted pull-ups (ha! But I did link 3 unbanded pull-ups IN A ROW!), then 3 RFT of: 200m run + 5 wall walks + 10 HR push-ups + 15 box overs. Wednesday - Run commute to work! 9.5 miles/1:40/1,746 ft elev gain. Thursday - Post night shift... Ugh. Rest day. Friday - CrossFit! Bench press (5-3-3-1 103lbs) + weighted ring rows (body weight), then 15.1! 9 min AMRAP of: 15 T2B + 10 deadlifts + 5 snatches (65lbs).

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  1. Wow, running to the 'U' from downtown... that is a little crazy, but totally awesome. Wishing you Good Luck next week. It will be a challenge, but you can do it. xo


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