Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brighton Lakes + Sunset Peak.

Wintery trail run. October 1st 2014.

As I got on the road this morning at 7:15AM and looked toward the mountains, I realized that my trail run might be a little snowy. And I was right! My plan was to run to lakes Mary, Martha, and Catherine and then head up to Catherine Pass and then on to Sunset Peak.

I didn't anticipate a few inches of snow hindering my plan.

I made it to Catherine Pass and then up to Sunset Pass but decided to save the summit for another day when it isn't 22F with blowing winds and snowy conditions.

I certainly didn't want to be the leading story on tonight's evening news.


  1. Snow right at the start of October! Amazing!! It looks really beautiful...

  2. Fabulous photos. Wow you are so ambitious to run in those conditions. Looks like an early winter has begun! xoxo

  3. Wow, you live in a stunning place!

  4. Oh wow snow! It does look so pretty!


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