Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Anniversary walk at Jordanelle.

Since going to that information session for graduate school a few weeks ago, I've spent a great deal of time in my head, thinking about what is the next best step for me both personally and professionally. After a late-night talk and a lot of miscommunication on what each of us believed to be the best path forward for our collective futures, Lee and I left the conversation and my dream of attending graduate school completely unresolved.

But now we have a plan.

At this time I am moving full-steam ahead with both going back to work and applying for the fall 2015 start of the Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner program. I don't know yet if I will return to my roots in the ICU or the ER or if I will go in an entirely different career direction while I await the start of school. And who knows if I even stand a chance of getting into the program next year.

It just feels so good to finally have a plan for my future. And for our future.


Strange plants along the shore of the reservoir.


  1. Go you! That's quite an exciting path! Fingers crossed you get into the program sooner rather than later - we need more nurse practitioners. Preferably NPs as compassionate and sharp as you!

  2. If you are still thinking psych NP, let me know. I have some friends with psych backgrounds and who work at UNI and may know some contacts to help get you experience, a job, or even just advice! Congratulations on this decision! Going back to school was such a huge step for me. Definitely not the easiest path, but one that will be worth it (I hope!). -Grace

  3. I'm happy for you. It will be hard work, but you are ONE SMART cookie! You will be great. xo


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