Monday, September 29, 2014


She thinks those spiders are 'a little bit scary' // Straight out of the bath & the ears are back on // Farmers market applesauce // Alice wouldn't touch that delectable dessert.

On Friday I was pining for more fall-like weather and, on Saturday, I got it! Both weekend days were rainy and cool and perfectly like fall. The wet weather didn't deter us from our usual Saturday morning routine of going to the farmers market and we were able to get our produce before the skies opened up and the rain came down.

We live just a block from the Downtown Farmers Market and we were completely soaked when we got home.

Alice helped me make applesauce in the slow-cooker and then, despite loving all of the ingredients (apples, cinnamon, vanilla, and a few other spices), she refused to eat it. I even tried adding it as a topping to our after-dinner dessert of salted caramel ice cream and she freaked out!

So we'll be eating a lot of homemade applesauce over the next few days.

Alice spent Sunday with Grandma Julie and Zayde Aharon while I had a coffee date with a friend and then later I finished up a lingering loft remodel project of painting the white outlet covers to match the walls.

It's funny (and annoying) that these last few projects have taken us the longest to complete like those darn outlet covers or choosing hallway lighting or installing shower glass or picking FLOR carpet tiles for our living room.... just to name a few of the many remaining projects.

This is the first year that Alice is starting to understand the concept of Halloween and it is so cute to see her excitement as we decorate our loft or plan her Halloween costume. I picked up Alice a little early yesterday and we went to the craft store with Grandma Julie to help pick out a few festive decorations for her house. Alice chose a reflective pumpkin and a silly ghost to go in Grandma's flower pots (the flying bat and the skull with the spider on it were too scary) and we found her the perfect tiger ears and tail so that she can dress up as her beloved Daniel Tiger on Halloween night.

How was your weekend? Will you be decorating for Halloween?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Family run in the rain! 5.1 miles/45 min/388 ft elev gain. Sunday - Rest day!

Succulents from Dry Creek planted in an old bread-baking dish // Clouds & sunset.


  1. What a fun, relaxed weekend. Thanks again for letting Alice stay with us. She is such a big help pickup up the chestnuts that have fallen out of our tree. A great big thank you to you for helping us cut back our bushes and trees, plus sweeping the porch and organizing all of our crap that accumulates on it. I really appreciated your help too, with decorating the house for the fall season and Halloween. xo


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