Monday, August 11, 2014


Golden wheat // Picking tomatoes! // Weekend breakfast.

Our last few days at my in-laws were spent with family dinners and, of course, a trip to the legion for beers and to participate in the meat draw (I won meat again!). And as we packed up our things for our eventual trip back to Utah, I was shocked at how quickly our almost three weeks here went.

Time flies.

On Sunday morning, we loaded up our car and headed south towards Panorama, B.C., for a family reunion with Lee's brothers, their spouses, and kids. The drive from the plains to the mountains was spectacular as the golden fields gave way to the rugged mountains of Banff Provincial Park. We stopped in the town of Canmore for burgers and poutine before driving over Kootenay Pass to the Panorama Mountain Resort.

I've been for a trail run this morning. I took a glass bead-making class this afternoon. And now I'm off to the pool. Reality is going to hit hard when our vacation ends and we head home at the end of the week.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Yard workout! 400-meter run, then 3 x 50-meter tire rope pulls (2 winter tires on a rope) + 3 x 15 push press (1 winter tire) + 3 x 15 straight legged side lunges + 50 meter sprints with tires on a rope around the waist + 3 x 15 push-ups. Sunday - Drive day!

Edmonton, AB to Panorama B.C.


  1. What a great vacation! That glass bead making class sounds interesting... And I love that photo of your daughter while picking tomatoes. How do you get such great shots?!

    1. Thanks, Marnie! First, I take TONS of shots to get the best one. And second, I edit them either in photoshop (if I have my big computer) but more often, I edit them in Snapseed on my iPad. It is an awesome photo editing tool (my favorite edit is the 'center focus' to bring more light to a face). Hope that helps!

  2. Such fun pictures of Alice. Great shots of the mountains. It's such a beautiful place. xo


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