Friday, August 8, 2014

Pied á Terre.

Our pied á terre (for 3 days) in the city. Vancouver, B.C.

After our quick trip to British Colombia, we are back in Alberta at my in-laws house for a few more days before hitting the road again for a trip?! Back to British Colombia. On our drive home to Utah, we are stopping for a few days in beautiful B.C. in a ski town called Panorama. And since this town is in the mountains, I have already done research on some trails I'd like to run while we're there.

One of them I plan to do is called the Lake of the Hanging Glacier. The photos of this lake surrounded by mountains are unreal! Can't wait.

Instead of staying in a hotel while we were in Vancouver, we opted to do an apartment rental through AirBnB. On our trips to Argentina and South Africa a few years ago, we did the same and we found that, when staying in an apartment, you are more removed from all the touristy stuff that tends to pop up around hotels and you get a more authentic experience of how people live in the city or country you are visiting.

For our trip to Vancouver, Lee found a great 600 sq-ft apartment near the Waterfront and Gastown districts. The windows in the living room and bedroom had beautiful views of the harbor and North Vancouver. Major attractions like Canada Place and Stanley Park were all within walking distance and for things that were a little further, there were bus and train stations nearby. Staying in an apartment also has the added benefit of a full-sized kitchen, which helps reduce travel costs and is convenient for light breakfasts and late-night snacks for two people who always seem to be hungry.

How about you? Do you prefer to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment when you travel?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Travel day! No workout. Tuesday - Walk all over Vancouver... 5 or 6 miles maybe? Wednesday - Another walking around Vancouver day... 3 miles-ish. Thursday - Yard workout at my in-laws! 400m warm-up, 3x20 truck tire flips + 2x20 walking lunges + 2x100m of crab walk lunges + 3x15 wood choppers with a heavy piece of steel + 3x15 push press with a winter tire. Friday - Run! 6.8 miles/73 ft elev gain/55 min.

The view of the city from Canada Place. Our rental apartment was right behind the building with the flying saucer on top.


  1. I have never stayed in an apartment when traveling, but we have always rented houses when we go to the beach. For some reason I never even thought it was possible to rent for a city vacation - now it seems like the obvious choice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great views of the city and harbor. The glacier and lake look beautiful for a run. Have fun!


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