Friday, August 29, 2014


One of the most spectacular sites I've ever seen.

Even though it was only a few weeks ago, today I am remembering our trail run to the Lake of the Hanging Glacier in British Columbia. That run reignited my desire to explore more of our local trails here in Utah and this week, I was able to get two trail runs in, one of which I'd never run before.

If we ever leave Utah again, it will definitely have to be to a place with mountains.

Happy weekend! What are your plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Trail run to Hidden Peak! 9.5 miles/2:10/3,185 ft elev gain. Tuesday - CrossFit! Push press 40 reps @ 65% (63lbs) then 3x500m row (1:1 rest) then 3x1:00 max effort air dyne. Wednesday - CrossFit! AMRAP of 6x2:00 5 T2B + 10 ab mat sit-ups + 15 double unders. Thursday - Trail run to Cardiff Pass and Mount Superior. 3.5 miles/54 min/1,444 ft elev gain. Friday - Rest day!


  1. absolutely gorgeous! I agree, living in Utah affirmed the mountains are for me :)

    we are hanging at home. Jason was in Europe for almost two weeks for work, so I am happy to have my co-parent back. So we will grill, go for some walks in the woods, and enjoy the down time.

  2. We are spending a week in the Outer Banks with family, then three days out in Washington D.C.

  3. Great pictures. Yes there are lots of wonderful mountain trails to run and hike in Utah. I have a book with all the local trails explained (not many pictures) just trail map coordinates, elevations and how long the hike would take. xo


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