Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Solo hike/trail run to Hidden Peak. So good for my soul.

Yesterday I gave away all of Alice's newborn to one-year clothing to a woman who is having a baby girl in November. I'd dreaded going through those boxes of her baby things for weeks as I thought it would just be too emotional in the face of the decision we had recently made to have only one child.

And it turns out, it wasn't so bad.

There were no tears as I went through her tiny newborn things but my breath did catch a few times and I smiled and laughed as I remembered moments with her wearing those clothes. It felt cathartic to go through her things and my memories of those precious early days and weeks and months of Alice's life.

As I packed up and re-taped the boxes, I felt happy. And I felt like we've made the right decision to have only one child.


  1. Gorgeous view of Snowbird and the surrounding mountains. As you girls were growing older, I gave away most of your clothes to family and friends. I did keep a few items that had wonderful memories attached to them. It's good to keep a couple of things for Alice to enjoy when she is older. xo

  2. I've given away a lot of Lulu's bigger clothes, but still have a massive box of newborn things and baby stuff that I've had a harder time letting go of. If we don't get pregnant in the next few months, then it's probably time to let it go, it's just so hard to get to that stage! I admire the decision you guys have come to x


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