Friday, August 22, 2014


Having fun or throwing a fit? You decide.

Currently... exhausted from our last few nights of trying to get Alice to go to sleep (and stay asleep!) without one of us either sitting or sleeping on the floor in her room. To be fair, we changed up her sleep routine for 4 weeks so I guess we can't expect it to go back to the old routine in just a few days.

Currently... excited for the weekend and the start of our annual timeshare condo at Snowbird Ski Resort! Going there has been a tradition in my family since I was a baby and I am so glad to be back in Utah to continue that tradition with Alice.

Currently... speaking of being back in Utah, I can't believe it has been a year since we left Boston! I miss a few of the friends that I left there and.... that's about it! (sorry, Bostonians).

Currently... planning to order this vertical garden from Etsy in the next few days. Now that our summer vacation is over, it's time to finish the last few projects remaining in our loft remodel, like hallway lighting and living room rugs and painting outlet covers.

And currently... feeling really good about a decision we've made recently regarding having another child. But more on that another day.

Happy weekend! What are your plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Back to SLC CrossFit! 1RM deadlifts (I went super conservative since the last time I did DL, I tweaked my back... 185lbs), then 6 RFT of 150m row + 10 pistols + 5 DL @ body weight + 2min rest. Tuesday & Wednesday - Sleep deprived and alarm malfunction means no workouts. Unplanned rest days. Thursday - CrossFit! 50 deadlifts @ 60% 1RM (145lbs), then 4 x 3min AMRAP of 8 burpee box jumps + 10 DL (105lbs). Friday - CrossFit! 5RM back squats (after months of hip pain, I was pain free and did 128lbs), then Karen (150 wall balls @ 14lbs 8:20).

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  1. The sleep thing is so hard. It seems like as soon as you have it sorted an illness or holiday or house reno will pop up and bam their waking a million times a night again - I feel your pain. Am very interested in your child decision. We are still trying for number two, but with everything else that is going on in our lives the sex time is few and far between. I guess it will happen one day.... I have to say I do envy the 'we weren't even trying and i fell pregnant' people!


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