Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Beautiful Snowbird, Utah.

After an uncomfortable night's sleep on camping pads on our bedroom floor, we woke up at 4AM to do a few final things before loading the cats, Alice, and ourselves into a cab bound for Logan. Those cats cried the ENTIRE way to the airport. They cried and cried and cried while we checked in, while we went through security, and all the way to the gate. And they probably cried through take-off and much of the flight but luckily the noise of the engine drowned out those sorry sounds. And now they are both happily exploring every nook and cranny of our mostly empty loft.

Because we live right in downtown Salt Lake City, we decided to take the recently completed airport light rail line into the city. Yes, we had a bunch of luggage and oh, two cats and a kid in tow but we were both up for the challenge.

So I put the car seat backpack onto my back, slung a cat duffel over my shoulder, and hung my diaper bag on the travel stroller all while pushing Alice. Lee carried the other cat, his carry-on, a massive bag, and the travel crib and off we went toward the train. I'm sure we looked like a hot mess as we schlepped ourselves and our luggage through the airport to the soundtrack of meow meow meow but whatever. We got to the light rail station, bought our tickets, and barely made it on the train before it left for downtown. And as we found seats and put down our bags, I gazed out the window at the city in the distance and smiled because we'd made it! The hardest part was over.

And then we got home and I asked Lee, "Um. Where is my bag?"

Yep. In our haste to leave the airport we completely forgot my suitcase! So Lee and Alice went to lunch while I jumped in the car and drove back to the airport to retrieve my bag. No big deal. In hindsight it actually worked out better that we forgot my roll-y bag as I'm not sure either one of us could've added it to our already heavy loads.

And now we are up at Snowbird ski resort enjoying some mountain air and a little relaxation as our loft isn't quite livable at the moment after the floor refinishing project. But more on that another day.

Enjoying some mountain air. And refusing to look at the camera.



  1. What a gorgeous view! Glad your little family made it back 'home' safely, Leah r.

  2. Enjoy some relaxing time away from packing and moving. xo

  3. Oh, I miss the mountains, so beautiful :) Glad you made it in one piece.

  4. That sounds like quite the trip. I can't imagine taking our cat & toddler on a flight! You guys did really well.
    Sorry about my double commenting with spelling errors on your last post. Turns out you shouldn't comment on blogs on your ipad mini in the bath!!


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