Friday, April 11, 2014


Scenes from a meltdown!

Currently... loving the blog Reasons My Son Is Crying (and also the Instagram hashtag #whymykidiscrying) because it makes me feel like my kid isn't the only irrational tantrum-thrower! Alice is definitely becoming more independent and somewhat less clingy, but, of course, she still has the occasional meltdown over the silliest things. So I've started to document them! This meltdown was from this morning. She asked for her stickers. So I gave them to her! And then she cried.

Currently... amazed that it will be 75 degrees in SLC today. Hello, summer!

Currently... a little tired (and, I'll admit, a little hung over) from my date last night with Lee. We went to a fundraiser for Ballet West called Beer & Ballet, which was sponsored by my favorite brewery, Epic Brewing. After a pre-fundraiser cocktail at The Hotel Monaco and then three high-alcohol beers at the event, we were both buzzed by the time the performance started. The performance was wonderful! And luckily we live only two blocks from the theater so that we could walk our tipsy selves home after.

Currently... counting down the minutes until we can dive back into season two of House of Cards. Since we were out late last night, we had to skip our nightly ritual of dinner with the Underwoods.

Currently... only 8 days til my big race!

And currently... wondering if that equation is true where you double the height of your kid at two years old to find out what their approximate height will be as an adult. If it is true, then Alice will be 6 feet tall!

What are you currently doing? Any big weekend plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Family run! 5.1 miles/44 min/411 feet elev gain. Tuesday - CrossFit! Skill: Bar muscle ups. Strength: 1 RM clean & jerk (120lbs). WOD: 3 RFT of: 25 double unders + 15 snatches (65lbs Rx), rest 3 minutes the 3 RFT of: 10 CTB (blue) + 10 OHS (45lbs). Wednesday - CrossFit! Skill: Handstand push-ups. Strength: Deadlifts, 20 reps @ 80% (145lbs.. going sort of light in anticipation of my race). WOD: Partner workout, complete the following in 25 min time limit (1 person works at a time): 800M runw/ 14 lbs ball. 100 burpees. 80 overhead lunges (25lbs). 60 kettle bell swings (35lbs). 50 push press (85lbs). 40 weighted sit-ups (25lbs). 30 pistols. 20 HSPU. 1000M row (we made it thru 4 HSPU before time was out). Thursday - Rest day! Friday - CrossFit! Skill: Handstand walks. Strength: Heavy 2 position snatch (65lbs). WOD: 3 RFT of: 10 power cleans + 10 shoulder-to-overhead + 10 front rack walking lunges (65lbs Rx 6 minutes).

Last night's wait for Grandma Julie. And date night makeup!


  1. Oh so... sad! I guess stickers are important enough to cry over. This phase will pass! Hang in there. xoxo

  2. Nolan had a melt down yesterday when he asked for more peanut butter and I (wait for it!)......gave it to him ;)

    I actually was cracking up as he sobbed on me.

    We just finished season two of HOC. I love (and hate) Frank and Claire.

  3. Ha, ha! Poor Alice! I'd say that 90% of the meltdowns my boys have seem totally irrational. Often it's something like they asked for something and I gave it to them. It's so frustrating!

    Your date night makeup is soooooo pretty! Tutorial, please!


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