Monday, April 14, 2014


Alice's new summer sandals. // Making messes & then mad when she's asked to clean them up. // Gin & Tonic w/ cucumber. // Cedar-planked Utah trout! // Grilled bananas w/ vanilla bean ice cream & Epic's Imperial Stout.

We spent our weekend close to home, barbecuing at our house on Friday night (and watching House of Cards, of course), attending a birthday party at our neighbor's house on Saturday for Alice's best buddy's little sister who turned 1, and then having my mom and step-dad over for dinner on Sunday. And since my 50K race is now less than a week away and I'm well into my taper from training, I didn't have a long trail run taking up a chunk of my weekend hours.

We leave on Friday for Fruita, CO!

But now some bad news: Alice puked early this morning and now I'm feeling a bit nauseous. I'm hoping my nausea is all just in my head from doing loads of vomit-laundry this morning and not because I'm coming down with whatever Alice has.

Because nothing would derail my plans to run 31.1 miles on Saturday than a stomach bug today.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday & Sunday - Rest days! I love me some training taper-time.


She loves the Baby Sign app. // Belated bday gifts from Savta Rabbah. // Race course! // Tickles from Grandma Julie. // "Hi, Mom."

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  1. Such great pictures of Alice and yummy pictures of your meals. I love her new red shoes! Sounds like a fun relaxing weekend. xo


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