Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food Truck Thursdays.

Scenes from Food Truck Thursday @ The Gallivan Center.

I've fallen in love hard this week with where we live. The weather has been fantastic in Salt Lake, which means we've spent most of our days outside wandering the city. Picnic in the park on Monday. Playing in the fountains on Tuesday. Play date at the Tracy Aviary on Wednesday. And Food Truck Thursdays for lunch today.

The concept of urban living is lost on many Utahns and, when I meet a new mom and I tell her where we live, I often get a look of bewilderment when they find out that we choose to live downtown in a loft just under 1,100 square-feet as a family of three.

"You only have one car?" "You don't have a backyard?" "You live a block away from the homeless shelter?!"

I oftentimes have house-envy after play-dates at particularly beautiful homes, but I also can't imagine living in the suburbs and having to lug Alice to the car, strap her into her car seat, load up the stroller, drive somewhere, take her out of the car seat, unload the stroller and then do it all over again when we've finished our errand or when we're ready to head home. I can barely handle one car trip a week with Alice let alone multiple car trips in a day.

There are upsides and downsides to both living in a home or living in a loft and I imagine at some point, we will find ourselves in need of more space. But until then, I am enjoying the convenience and the chaos and the freedom that comes with having almost everything we need right outside our front door.

And the occasional homeless man sleeping on our porch, too.

Alice & G. City kids & best buddies.

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  1. Looks like it's time to get out the shorts. I'm loving the spring and summer time weather. Looks like Alice is too. The Chow Truck does have some yummy food. xo


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