Monday, February 24, 2014


Making cauliflower "rice" for Friday night's dinner // Saturday with Grandma Julie.

I feel like I hit my Whole30 stride over the weekend as I found ordering an approved meal for brunch on Saturday from my favorite brewery and then later that day (not) having beers with a few of Lee's visiting friends to be no big deal. Navigating a social situation while eating a very specific way was something I was nervous for as I figured I'd have to ask for a bunch of modifications for my meal to make the Whole30 guidelines.

Rather than ordering a brunch item (which often includes toast or white potatoes or bacon = most likely contains sugar), I scanned the regular menu for a simple green salad with an array of veggies (hold the croutons) and a side of grilled steak tips with a zesty cilantro lime salsa/dressing. Delicious! And to drink, I had water and coffee... not even a sip of beer (and they even had a vanilla porter on nitro draft!!).

It turns out that I do have some will power.

On Sunday Lee went snowboarding with his in-town friends, Alice went to Grandma Julie's for the day and I went for a long trail run. The trails were dry, the weather was gorgeous and it was warm enough to run in a tank top! Instead of my usual running playlist, I listened to the Adam Carolla podcast and I'm pretty sure I laughed for most of those 12.7 miles. I used to listen to him in L.A. when he was on the radio and I'd forgotten just how funny he can be.

The rest of my alone-time on Sunday was spent cleaning our loft, watching an episode of Breaking Pointe (that show makes my little city look so cool!), and then, because it was so beautiful outside, I went for a walk and did a few errands. Like a dummy, I forgot to bring a snack or water (!!) and was quickly hungry and thirsty after having done such a long run. Rather than head home, though, I headed to the grocery store (i.e. not Whole Foods) to grab something.

And, unless I wanted to bite into a head of lettuce, there wasn't anything non-produce that I could buy for a quick snack!

Everything snack-like that I picked up seemed to contain palm oil or some form of sugar or rice flour or peanut oil. The rotisserie chickens even had sugar and canola oil added (yes, I thought about a whole rotisserie chicken for a snack). Fortunately for my growling stomach, I did find a bag of dry-roasted macadamia nuts with sea salt with nothing else in them for the bargain price of $6 for about 12 nuts.

I'll never leave home without snacks again.

How was your weekend? Was the weather beautiful where you live?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Long TRAIL run! 12.7 miles/1:58/1,392 ft elev gain.

Tank top & single-track. // My $6 nuts. // Main Street. // Windows-open weather!


  1. The weekend in SLC was gorgeous! Thanks for letting us spend the whole day on Sunday with Alice! She loved playing in the park. We had fun and so did she. Your run sounds great and the views look awesome. Thanks again! xoxo Grandma and Zayde

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely! Alone time, nice. Sounds like you are doing a great job with the whole 30 thing (aside from the snack issues :) ), well done x

  3. The weather looked so beautiful this weekend! We were hoping to skip away when Salt Lake was in the midst of a gloomy, frigid winter spell, but it looks like the weather here was about as nice as Huntington Beach! I hear you regarding trying to find decently healthy snacks while out and about. Devon and a few friends [and my checking account :/] give me hell for my Whole Foods obsession, but they just make it so much easier by taking that hunt out of the equation!

    I'm not usually a fan of nitro beers, but that vanilla porter sounds pretty incredible!


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