Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Fried eggs with sweet potato & pulled pork hash // Coconut flour-crusted Utah trout with spaghetti squash & red pepper sautée. // Pulled pork lettuce wraps with apple & cucumber // Hard boiled eggs, avocado, apple slices & spaghetti squash & red pepper sautée // Utah trout with broccoli slaw.

Here comes some more Whole30 talk for you. At 15 days into my 30-day science experiment, I'm starting to see some serious changes. Changes in my body and my overall mood (still impatient, though). Changes in my energy levels and nighttime sleep. And definitely changes in my workouts, specifically my running.

On Sunday I woke up around 6:30AM and had coffee blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil with my breakfast of sweet potato hash with pulled pork and two fried eggs. I finished eating by 7:30AM, dropped Alice off at my mom's by 8AM, and by 8:15AM I was headed out for my long trail run for the week.

Having trained for and raced many marathons and ultra-marathons, I've become familiar with how my body reacts and responds as the miles tick away under my feet. Oftentimes I feel sluggish on hills, my legs will often start to feel heavy and slow as I near the end of my run, and usually at some point, I feel mentally drained or bored or just... over it.

But not on my 13-miler on Sunday. Or my 12-miler the weekend before.

My running already feels so different just halfway through my Whole30. I feel lighter on my feet despite running in the same trail shoes I've trained in for the last few months. My energy levels seem to stay consistent even as I climb a hill or as I near the end of my run. I'm having a hard time describing it other than I just feel different.


I am also sleeping more soundly than I have in months (years, maybe?). In interest of full disclosure, though, I have stopped drinking caffeine after 12PM and, although I didn't make that a regular habit prior to my Whole30 start-date, I would occasionally have a 2PM coffee with Lee once or twice a week.

So is this all attributed to my 15 days of whole-foods eating? Maybe. Is it a placebo effect? Mmmm, not sure. But at exactly halfway through this process, I really like how I'm feeling. And hopefully that continues for the remainder of my 15 days.

And my excuse as to why I'm blogging so late today?! I got my hair cut this afternoon! Bye-bye five inches! And hello easy summertime hair.


Hair cut! And a really messy kitchen + dining room.


  1. 1). Your food pictures are unbelievable. I want you to move in with me and cook all of my food.
    2). The sound sleep is the best part of the W30. Hands down. I'm glad that you're starting to feel the magic.
    3). I know I already told you, but your hair is totally gorgeous.

  2. Your hair looks incredible! I'm dying for a trim myself, I just cannot stand going to get it taken care of.

    Those food photos are gorgeous too - We've been living off restaurant meals and "scrounge" meals for far too long in this house! I'm stupid excited for a trip to Whole Foods this evening :)

  3. I agree with your other readers. The way you display your food in your pictures makes it look so delicious. I think you should start a business preparing food for me and many others.... so we can start the Whole 30 program. I certainly would pay EXTRA for it!

    You are always absolutely gorgeous! Today's picture of you is even better! You have a wonderful, beautiful, healthy glow about you. xoxo

  4. All of your food look so yummy. You've got me pretty interested in this Whole 30 thing, but I don't think it would be great to limit my diet while I'm pregnant. But maybe afterwards, because I would have time to cook each meal when I'm home.

    Keep up the great work. Your blog is fun to read, and I love seeing how your food/health is going and nice your condo is looking!

  5. Ditto on all the comments about your food photos. Congrats on the halfway point on the Whole30. So impressed.

  6. Hi Bri! I love reading your blog. I'm actually thinking if oing the Whole30 next month and I love the recipes you have on here. Congrats!Alice is such a cute. I'm glad things ate going so well for our.

    1. I meant to comment on this a long time ago... Sorry I didn't do it sooner! How are you?! Did you end up doing a Whole30? I'm planning to do another one next month because I loved my first one so much. Hope all is well! XO.

  7. Hi Bri! I love your blog. Congrats on doing the Whole30. I'm thinking of doing it next month


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