Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Making way for the new Performing Arts Center. Downtown SLC.


  1. love your photos, as always. do you know how you get the horizontal and vertical to be the same size width wise? I keep googling because mine look silly and I can't find an answer!

  2. Thanks, Tracy! I'm glad you like my photos. I had a hard time figuring it out, too, until I took a BlogShop/PhotoShop class a few years ago. So you need to figure out what default width your pictures are loading as... or you can just pick a width that works with your layout (looking at your blog I'd say they are between 700 and 800 pixels wide... the width I use is 610). If you don't have PhotoShop for resizing, you can use this free one ( or however you usually resize your photos, save them to a place where you can find them after you resize them (I always save to the desktop) and then load them into a blog post. Once they are in your post, click on the photo and it will give you size options... choose ORIGINAL SIZE and the photo will come up the width you saved it as when you resized it. Does that make sense? If not, feel free to ask me to clarify. Hope this helps! XO.

  3. I'm going to rant! It's sad to see the older buildings being torn down around town. Yes these buildings were a hodge podge of space and would have to be remodeled extensively for any new occupants.

    But, do you know that the average theater (seating capacity) in NYC is less than 1,500 seats. Why does our city need another performing arts theater, which would hold over 2,500 people. Our SLC Mayor says they need bigger space for bigger venues ie, NYC Broadway Theater type shows. Some of the other arts groups in town; Ballet West, Utah Opera and Symphony, Kingsbury, Pioneer and others are struggling to fill their seats. I ask WHY do we need a new 2,500 seat theater?

    Thanks for letting me rant and let off steam. Of course this is my current opinion, who knows, there maybe other details brought forth in the future that may change my mind. xo


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