Monday, December 2, 2013


She insisted on getting into that pot. // Alice & Coco.

For some reason, Thanksgiving was a bit more exhausting for me this year. No, I didn't host nor did I do any of the cooking but I do have a relatively busy toddler who I worried would be a hot mess when the other non-family guests arrived. And guess what? She totally surprised me. Alice took a stellar nap that afternoon and woke up in a fantastic mood just before the festivities started. And she was an awesome kid all the way up to bedtime, which was even stretched past her usual 7PM to the late hour of 7:30PM without any major meltdowns.

She was so good, we might just get invited to come back for Thanksgiving next year.

I intended to blog on Friday but the day got away from me as we spent the morning with Alice, just the three of us, and then we had a family photo scheduled for the afternoon, which turned out to be an epic disaster. Let's just say the photographer was TWO HOURS LATE and, as the sun went down and the golden hour quickly faded, we had to improvise. My brother's girlfriend saved the day and said she'd take a few photos of us with my camera so, instead of heading out to a vineyard like we'd planned, we went out to a field behind my parents' house and made do with what we could find.

Luckily she snapped a few good ones. And as soon as I do a little photoshop-ing (of course!), I'll post a few.

We also rented a limo and went wine-tasting, but more on that tomorrow. We are about to hit the road to drive back to reality and back to SLC!

Till next time, Napa.

Weekly & Weekend workouts: Monday - TRX! Tuesday - Road bike! 18 flat miles. Wednesday - Trail run! 5 miles/1000 ft elevation gain. Thursday - Rest day. Friday - Road bike with Lee! 17 miles with a 10% uphill grade. Ouch. Saturday and Sunday - None!

Snacks before dinner. // My brother playing the guitar. // My beautiful sister.

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  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Alice also looks like she is having fun, getting to know Grandpa and Grandma Terry, Aunts and Uncle... and behaving. Wow, how she is growing up! Miss you all, have a safe trip home. xoxo


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