Monday, December 23, 2013


Alice & Grandpa Glen at breakfast this morning.

Even though Christmas is still a few days away, I feel like we celebrated ours already over the weekend.  Saturday was spent mostly indoors as a heavy snow fell for most of the day.  Lee and Alice did get out to the park in the early afternoon but, it turns out, our little 21-month old doesn't see the fun of playing in the snow.  She cried almost the entire time and made Lee carry her as she did not want to get snow on her boots.

If she thinks this weather is bad, wait till she experiences some Canadian winter weather.

On Saturday night, my mom, step-dad and aunt came over for an early dinner and then Lee and I went on a date to see The Nutcracker while the grandparents watched Alice.  My sister and I grew up going to the ballet with my mom and the memories I have of that performance are magical.  As the overture began and the lights dimmed in the majestic Capitol Theatre, I felt tears spring to my eyes as all of those childhood memories of sitting in that same theater came flooding back.  I can't wait until Alice is old enough to start our own tradition of seeing The Nutcracker with her mom (and dad, if he's still willing!).

My dad and step-mom drove in from California late Saturday night so our Sunday was spent with them in snowy Provo at my grandmother's house.  We enjoyed hanging out in the living room while Alice ran wild and us adults ate way too many sweets (my grandma had pecan fondant rolls and cashew fondant rolls.... yum!).  My step-mom and I got out in the afternoon to run a few errands and to catch up with some girl talk.  And then, of course, we left a bit too late for Alice's liking and she screeeeeeeamed for 30 of our 45-minute drive home.  

Reason number 2,764 why we are flying and not driving to Canada on Thursday.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts:  None!  And a lot of junk eating, too.  Bleh.

Since this bakery is a half-block away, I might go pick up a few of these beauties later today. 'Tis the season!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting weekend. Time with family is always precious. I live in Australia and am jealous you get a white christmas as it is usually swelteringly hot here xo


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