Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remodel updates.

Our new framed door! And our unpainted drywall.

Since I haven't talked about it in awhile, here's a quick update on where we are at with what seems like our never-ending loft remodel. Now that the major project of putting up the permanent wall is done, the progress we're making is more incremental. The few days before we left for Napa and for the week that we've been home, Lee has framed, put up drywall and hung our restored bedroom door! Other than just being naturally handy, Lee has never done anything like this before. Just a few YouTube videos on the subject and many trips to Home Depot for parts were all that he needed to finally close off the bedroom from the rest of our loft.

And our 3-form movable wall will arrive next week! Lee is installing that as well but, since we're headed to Canada shortly after it arrives, it won't go up until probably the end of January.

The bathroom remodel is stalled at the moment as we wait for the delivery of shower lights and our new mirror. And I am in charge of facilitating buying the tile and finding someone to tile for us (yep, we've decided to leave that job to the professionals). But with the holidays approaching, I'm sure it'll get pushed into the new year anyway so I haven't made much headway in setting it up.

The gas line to our balcony has been installed and Lee's new grill arrived earlier in the week and, as soon as the attachment part arrives, we'll be barbecuing and (fingers crossed) brewing beer despite the cold winter weather. Can't wait.

And lastly, we won't be putting up a tree with the chaos of tools and wood and ladders scattered about our place at the moment, which is a good thing since we still haven't worked out the kinks with how we plan to celebrate this time of year, being non-believers and all. But I did manage to convince Lee to let me put up what we are calling holiday lights on our balcony and we've agreed that our Christmas breakfast must include hollandaise sauce.

At least that's been settled!

Holiday lights & the sunset.


  1. Very nice door, door frame and drywall job. Your husband IS very handy. Glad you've got some holiday lights for Alice. Great picture of your lights and sunset. xo

  2. go, Lee! And I can't wait to hear about your homebrewing adventures :) Jason brewed when we lived in Utah and it was fun.


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