Thursday, December 5, 2013


That would be frost on the INSIDE of our windows.

Currently... missing that 68-degree California weather as it was 9 degrees in Salt Lake this morning. Hello, winter!

Currently... pretty sure we've created a monster with letting Alice sleep with us all last week while we were in Napa. Our travel crib is too small for our 20-month old who is the size of a 3-year old so she slept in our bed. And now that we're home, she wants nothing to do with sleeping in her crib. She has fallen asleep in our bed the last two nights, we move her to her crib shortly after and then she is awake and screaming at 2AM wondering why she's in her own crib and not in our bed. Oh, and this is happening for naps, too. Any advice?!

Currently... excited to brew my first batch of kombucha today! My sister gave me a scoby last week and I carefully transported it home across California and Nevada. And Lee thought I was completely nuts the entire time.

Currently... apprehensive about getting my hair "fixed" tomorrow. Remember that fiasco I had a few months ago when I let someone other than my regular hair stylist touch my hair? She's finally back from maternity leave and when I saw her last week for a cut she was mortified that the other stylist put that red all over my head versus just as highlights. So she's fixing it for me! Fingers crossed her fix doesn't make it worse.

And currently... counting down the days till our 3-form movable wall arrives. Christmas comes for us on December 20th this year!

Alice's little friends, watching winter from the warmth of the windowsill.


  1. I know it isn't easy to say... but Adriana has ALWAYS been a bad sleeper, and knows that Eddie will just bring her into our bed when she cries at night... she knows this so well, that she now calls for Papa each time. We finally had to let her .... cry it out. Sometimes the crying will go on for 45 minutes. It totally sucks to hear...and then to hear her crying is even worse. :( Good luck!

  2. Yikes, the ice building up crazy, especially when it is inside the house. We had that in our house. Until we put up the double pane windows. I think the toys in the window sill are so cute. xo


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