Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cold feet.

Hoping to see you guys again sooner rather than later.

I'm starting to have cold feet about this 3-form movable wall that we are about to purchase. Late last week we got the revised quote and, after a few modifications, it's quite a bit less than what we originally thought. But it's still really goddamn expensive.

It isn't the cost that has me second-guessing this room splitting idea, though.

Now that we have a bedroom door and a permanent wall, it is so obvious to me that we should've done this wall-building and room-creating a long time ago. Our new bedroom is really big! And it makes this whole place so much more functional.

Up to this point, I think all of the remodeling we've done to our loft will add value to our home if we ever decide to sell it. The updated bathroom. The newly created bedroom. The lighting changes. The refinished floor. All of those things make sense. The movable wall that splits a perfectly good bedroom in half, on the other hand, might not make sense to the single guy or the older married couple interested in buying a downtown loft.

I'm realistic to the fact that our little family probably won't be able to live in our 1,074-square foot loft forever. But I am committed to living here for the foreseeable future, which I see as at least another five years. So does it make sense to throw down some big coin, put screws into the floor (and, because our floor is so uneven, possibly dig in a track) in the middle of our bedroom to install a movable wall that might deter someone from buying this place someday? Despite my cold feet, I know the answer to this is yes. Yes it makes sense to put our sanity and our ability to live in this small space functionally ahead of what a future buyer might think of our divided bedroom.

And hey, if that future buyer doesn't want our expensive movable wall, I'll happily take it apart and move it along with us.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of everything! Since the bedroom wall doesn't go to the ceiling (and I'm assuming the movable one won't either) are you concerned about noise at all? I know it's already going to be less noise than you probably were having, but as far as Alice getting older. I'm loving the small space living insight!

  2. Think of the movable wall this way.... A single person or married couple, who has tons of clothes can use that area as a walk in closet and additional storage. I think it will work out well. *fun picture of geese in a vee! xo


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